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A ceremony took place on 11 November at the monument at the Serbian part of the Allied Military Cemetery, Zeitinlik to commemorate the Day of Truce of the First World War.

On behalf of the Serbian Republic a wreath was laid on the monument by Major General Zelimir Glisovic, escorted by General Consul Sinisa Pavic and Military Attache G. Arsic and Lieutenant general S. Glvonic and then the representatives of Greek state, who attended the ceremony, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Growth and Energy, Sokratis Famelos, delegate of Central Macedonia Prefecture, representatives of the military and the Mayor of the city J. Butaris, members of the Diplomatic Corps and associations for cultivating tradition and the First World War. Also a representative of the Diocese of Neapoli and Stavroupoli.

After the laying of wreaths and the minute of silence, the ceremony was completed with the intonation of the anthems of Serbia and Greece.

In accordance with the long-time practice, at the ceremony of laying wreaths, along with the General Consul was the guard of the Military Cemetery, Mr. George Mihailovic (which, in our opinion, makes this action even more interesting).

After the end of the ceremony at the Serbian part of the Allied Military Cemetery ‘’Zeitinlik’’, similar ceremonies were held at the Russian, the British, the French and the Italian part of the cemetery (which compose the complex of Zeitinlik), and for the first time a ceremony was held in front of the Greek monument. To all of them the General Consul was present and he laid wreaths.